Hardwood Installation

Hardwood installationIn general, hardwood floors are installed using one of three methods:

  • Nail-down: The traditional (and primary) method for installing hardwood. The installer nails (or staples) each board to the sub-floor, and then nails (or staples) that board into the next board in the line. This process is continued across the entire floor.
  • Glue-down: Floor boards are glued to the sub-floor using a strong adhesive.
  • Floating: Strips of hardwood flooring are glued or snapped together and then laid on top of underlayment. The underlayment serves as a moisture barrier, preventing moisture from seeping back up from the sub-floor into the hardwood, substantially extending the life of the floor


There are many benefits to installing a hardwood floor:

  • Natural beauty – endless grains and colors
  • Complements every décor
  • Appreciation of your home’s value
  • Adds strength and stability to existing floor
  • Easy to maintain and can be easily restored, so it lasts for decades

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